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We offer office cleaning in Oslo and Romerike. A clean workplace is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, hygiene is very important for the long-term health of employees. Thorough cleaning helps to improve air quality in the building, which in turn is health-preventing. At the same time, several surveys have shown that a clean workplace increases well-being and the positive mood among employees. This contributes to less absenteeism related to illness, which in turn results in a better working environment and a more profitable company. An equally important reason is the first impression the company gives new employees, partners and other visitors. Clean premises contribute to a better general perception of the company where the cleaning standard says something about the quality you want others to associate with your company.

100% satisfaction guarantee

  • In order to provide assurances that we are the best player, we offer a satisfaction guarantee that places the responsibility on us by ensuring that the quality is of the highest standard at all times.

  • We also take full responsibility by solving problems without any questions in case of any disagreements or complaints.

Guaranteed quality

  • As a professional and experienced cleaning company, we offer cleaning of offices to the highest standard at a competitive price.

  • We know exactly how to help you maintain the standard of cleanliness in your premises to top quality over time.

  • All our products are environmentally friendly and health-promoting.

Tailor-made solution

  • We offer tailor-made solutions, are adaptable and quick to follow us if the need should change along the way.

  • The assignments are organized in the best possible way for you, either before, after or during the company's working hours.

  • Our routines are carried out so that it does not become a disruptive factor for your employees.

  • The cleaning frequency is based on your needs and we offer customized task structures so that you save money.


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