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We offer stair washing in Oslo and Romerike for housing associations, private individuals and companies. Our team consists of professional and experienced cleaners. It provides an assurance that the job is done properly every single time. Housing associations are one of our specialties, but we are happy to carry out assignments for private individuals and companies as well. No job is too big or too small for us. We ensure quality through disciplined routines, good communication and adaptability.

100% satisfaction guarantee

  • To provide assurances that we are the best player, we offer a satisfaction guarantee that places the responsibility on us by ensuring that the quality is of the highest standard at all times.

  • We also take full responsibility by solving problems without any questions in case of any disagreements or complaints.

Guaranteed quality

  • We guarantee high quality and punctuality in all the jobs we do.

  • Stairs and entrances are some of the first things you see in a building. By keeping this area spotlessly clean, it will contribute to an impeccable first impression for visitors.

Price guarantee

  • We tailor solutions that perfectly suit your needs in terms of budget. We make it reasonable to hire professionals for the job.

  • The price depends on how often it is washed and how large the area is.

  • Contact us today for a free inspection or for a price estimate.


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